Dragons above, Dragons bellow!

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                          Str Int Wis Dex Con       
     Bonus to Max Stats    0   5   4   1   0    
     Bonus at Creation    -2   0   2   2  -2        
     Training Modifiers   -1   0   1   1  -1

                           HP    Mana    Move
     Level Bonuses         -2      3       1
     Recovery Bonuses      -2      4       0

     Skills                Fly, Aptitude

Sprites are a small, winged race of people. These are different than both pixies and faeries, fitting in much better into the civilized world. Sprites are quick, and very intelligent.  While they lack strength and basic fighting qualities, they are a very strong race when it comes to magic.



October is Dragon Swords Anniversary month! Yay! Happy 16th birthday!

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