Dragons above, Dragons bellow!

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                          Str Int Wis Dex Con       
     Bonus to Max Stats    0   4   2   3   1   
     Bonus at Creation     0   1  -1   0   0       
     Training Modifiers    0   1  -1   0   0

                           HP   Mana  Move
     Level Bonuses         1     -1     -1
     Recovery Bonuses      1      0      0

     Skills               Search, Embed, Sidestep

Gnomes are short, disproportionate individuals, who live far away
from the other races of Dragon Swords.  The constant avoidance of
other beings has made gnomes a little smarter than most. They are
notoriously good with their hands, making good scientists, as well
as alchemists, and have a reputation for being able to craft things
with ease.



October is Dragon Swords Anniversary month! Yay! Happy 16th birthday!

DragonSwords Mud is up and running.