The world of Dragon Swords

Dragon Swords Mud has been enslaving players since 1995. We have lots of stuff to do. There’s hundreds of areas, thousands of levels, limited arena pkill, questing, mining, sieges and much more. Come check us out at port 1234.


You can play up to two characters at the same time which is perfect as you then can play one tank and one dps/healer. Once you reach level 400 you can then either start gaining tier levels or remort and start over at level 1 but with increased strength.


We offer 14 different and unique classes which makes the game quite interesting. When you reach certain levels you can also choose a second/third class and then also gain access to their skills/spells. What will be your choice of play?


We have 12 different races for you to choose from and they all provide different bonuses to your characters stats. Once you start gaining tier levels you can also change race down the road if you decide you want to play something else.


There are too many creatures out there to list them all so instead come join us in game and help slay a few!


There are over 200 different areas with different content in them so get in there are start exploring them all.


Perhaps the baker in Midgaard has lost all of his pie and needs help getting them back, are you a brave enough adventurer to try and get them back?

evil goblin