How can I play on the MUD?

We recommend that you download zmud/cmud or mudlet and then simply connect to on port 1234

Which class/race should I pick?

There is no easy answer to that question, best is to simply try whatever you think sounds fun to play. A cleric can cast heals which makes for a pretty good class if you are new to our mud.

Can I play more than one character?

Yes you are allowed to play up to two characters online at the same time, you can however create as many characters as you want as long as only two of them are online at the same time.

I have now connected but what do I do?

You will start right next to a newbie friendly area that also has an fairly easy to do quest. If you need assistance in any kind please use nhg your question as that will send out your question so that others online can assist. Explore, kill mobs, gain levels, train skills but most importantly have fun!