Mages over time have learned to manipulate the very fibers of reality surrounding all. This has led them to be very limited physical fighters, although they become powerful casters when experienced. More than one enemy has fallen to an angered mage. Mages have the most magical offensive capabilities, but also have some benedictions and utilities, such as the ability to create vortexes and enchant weapons.


Clerics are healers of body and soul. Like mages, clerics are limited physically, although they cast more defensive rather than offensive spells. When all is said and done, clerics pick up the pieces.

Due to their lack of both strong offensive magic or strong physical attacks many have found clerics hard to master. However, in the long term, the cleric is very sought after, for he has the greatest healing magic, protections and benedictions in the game. A cleric as a companion is a must for any adventurer, no matter how strong they may be.


Thieves are masters of the shadows. They are a powerful group of individuals that master arts of stealing, hiding, poisons and attacking the unsuspecting. These beings lurk in the shadows waiting.

Main class Thieves and Assassins also know how to use a secret “language” called “Thieves Cant” to talk to each other.

Thieves use numerous poisons, which are secret. There are no help files for these, and involve quests. Because of this, the thief is often an experienced player – and if not, they are forced to learn quickly or they will never master their own powers.


Warriors are those who rely heavily on their physical abilities in the heat of battle. Warriors are a very simple class, relying heavily on their weaponry and armor to aid them with offensive attacks. A skilled warrior can utilise abilities such as disarming an opponent, gripping his own weapon, riposting attacks. A warrior can rage in the heat of battle, doing huge amounts of damage, but has little in the way of defense on his side until he is more experienced.


Knights are a hybrid of warrior and cleric in abilities. Most are honorable in nature yet some have chosen to follow the path of destruction. Thus, they become a powerful and vicious enemy of good. A Knight needs to be strong in both magical energy and physical attacks, as he relies upon both in fairly equal measure.


Rangers are hunters of the forest. Adapting magic to their causes, they are able to survive long periods of time outside the protective walls of a city. Rangers believe in defending nature and not exhausting it’s resources, poachers beware! Rangers can call on the powers of nature to aid their damage, they can use arrows, both magically and physically to do damage, and set traps to catch their enemies unawares.


Sages are beings that have combined mage and clerical skills somewhat, but still have many unique traits of their own. The sage has become a powerful battler and an excellent healer, but it’s most unique trait is the ability to imbue the knowledge of it’s spells into scrolls. These scrolls can be saved and used – by anyone – at a later date. An experienced sage can create books with multiple spells imbued in them.


Bards are merry travelers who sing and bring to life stories of amazing feats, in exchange for a warm bed, hot food and good ale. Since they travel extensively, bards have learned ways to protect themselves through magical means against highway robbers and other beasts of nature.

Bards alone have managed to master the secrets of enchanting armor, and can even engrave it with their name, imbuing it with some of their magical powers.


A druid is able to control all of the surrounding environment. Feeling more comfortable in a forest rather than a city, they learn to manipulate the earth, sky and other elements to their advantage. Druids have a close likeness to mages in some ways.

A unique ability of the druid is to use his powerful connection with nature to prepare his spells into potions, and with experience, into casks, which can hold multiple casts of multiple spells. These can be saved for later, and used by anyone across the realm – a valuable ability.


Priests are similar to knights, only not as physically capable. They rely on the abilities learned over time to aid them in battle and other circumstances. A lot of people distrust priests, but they are often good and honorable, with a strong connection to the Gods, which with experience let them transform into powerful Avatars of their religion.

Priests have a connection to necromancers, but of the opposite alignment. Both can regain health points by damaging their opponent, but whilst a Necromancer sucks the soul of the opponent, a Priest uses their closeness to God to convert the departing enemies life into their own.


Assassins are a mixture between a Thief and a Warrior. Although not as sneaky as a thief nor as strong as a warrior, assassins rely on a quick and lethal attack. Never underestimate an assassin, for as soon as you do, you’re dead.

Main class Thieves and Assassins also know how to use a secret “language” called “Thieves Cant” to talk to each other.


Psionists are those who have achieved total control of the raw mental power within themselves. Over time they have discovered new ways to strengthen their mind and body in order to win a fight. Occasionally, strong willed psionicists have been known to totally disintegrate an opponent in the heat of battle.


Necromancers are adept at the dark art of communion with the dead, this is the center of their power. Their dark art makes them naturally feared. Priests and Knights find their art blasphemous and will stop at no cost to absolve them of their sins through sacrifice.

Since a Necromancer is so close to the realm death, they don’t leave a corpse. However, they lose more experience on death than regular mortals.

Necromancers have forged a close bond with the underworld through the amount of souls they have sacrificed, and are able to summon demonic minions to aid them. These will fight and die for them and are used indiscriminately. An experienced necromancer can even raise souls from the dead, forcing their enemies to rise from the grave to obey their every command. They also have the ability to leech the soul of their enemies whilst they attack, restoring some of their own health.


Monks are masters of the body and unarmed combat. They are physically and mentally strong but have many rules to follow to attain spiritual perfection. Primarily a fighting class, they have some magical enhancements. Monks are the only class in the realm with the ability to wear equipment on their knuckles, so that even unarmed, they do deadly damage. They have many unique stances, which allow them to assume different positions to aid them in their fight.

The monk calls upon his spiritual connection with his God to bless the armor of himself and comrades, imbuing it with more magical affects. With time and experience, the monk can also choose to wield staves, and fore go his unarmed training.