Unlike the other races that dwell in Dragon Swords, Humans have only only their wits to survive. Struggling to rise to power without the aid of enhanced mental or physical abilities, they attempt to prove themselves in a hard world.

Special skills: Swim, Jack of All Trades


A dwarf’s natural strength and constitution make them excellent warriors. Although they are impressive battlers, they move slow and are not nearly as wise as some of the other races in the world of Dragon Swords.
Special skills: Infravision, Mine, Safeguard


Elves are tall, slender individuals, having little to offer in the way of physical strength. Although, what they lack in physical prowess, they make up for with an ancestry of powerful magics.
Special skills: Divine Sanctity


During the time when humans forced themselves into the different regions of Dragon Swords half-elves began to appear. Having about the same physical abilities of their human cousins, they far exceed them in terms of magical capabilities, but are not quite as versatile.
Special skills: Harmony


Kenders are short, slender creatures, looking almost like a half-elf except for the lack of pointed ears. Quick and nimble, they often thrive in the shadows, but are not usually an evil race, merely one that exploits their situation, speed and agility.
Special skills: Borrow, Blinding speed


Gnomes are short, disproportionate individuals, who live far away from the other races of Dragon Swords. The constant avoidance of other beings has made gnomes a little smarter than most. They are notoriously good with their hands, making good scientists, as well as alchemists, and have a reputation for being able to craft things with ease.
Special skills: Search, Embed, Sidestep


Half-giants are the product of a giant – human relationship. While incredibly strong and large, they suffer terrible mental problems. A half-giant usually strives to physically be the best in battle, the few who have entered the realm of magic, usually wish for a sword afterward. There are no true giants left in the realm, only half-breeds, who do not possess the true size of their ancestors, but are nonetheless a large, vicious opponent.
Special skills: Warfare


Half-orcs are pig-like beings that are above average in strength, but below average in speed. They wander the realm of Dragon Swords in search of personal gain and their next meal. They have been crossbred a number of times through the years, and now are neither human, nor orc, but an entity of their own. Some have even been known to take a magical route, but not many are that adventurous.
Special skills: Bloodlust


Draconians are different from dragon men, born of more magic. Over the years many Draconians have entered the land and now roam, adventuring the world, another race of demi-humans. They are about human size, fairly strong with leathery skin and small wings that serve no real function.
Special skills: Special death, Breathe, Shed Skin


Shadows are an ancient race, formed of a strange union between humans and the true shadows, a race that is nothing more than a shadow. Shadows that roam the world however are tangible, but maintain a strange presence, as if they weren’t even present sometimes. This race has taken to mainly thieving and the darker classes.
Special skills: Hide, Substance


Sprites are a small, winged race of people. These are different than both pixies and faeries, fitting in much better into the civilized world. Sprites are quick, and very intelligent. While lacking in strength and the basic fighting qualities, they are a very strong race when it comes to magic.
Special skills: Fly, Aptitude


Orcs are twisted dark beings, holding little respect in the cities, but being known for their fierce and savage abilities in battle, as well as their foul odors. Orcs are strong fighters, but have few magical abilities. Those who walk the way of magic as Orcs have a very low pool of mana to draw from, but are still physically strong.
Special skills: Spirit Beast